A machine that produces metal rods used in an automobile suspension system is being tested to make s

Assume that the data below apply to two efficient portfolios. What is the efficient frontier?…
February 3, 2022
Suppose in Prob. 13 that job satisfaction was related to years on the job, and so the following data… 1 answer below »
February 3, 2022

A machine that produces metal rods used in an automobile suspension system is being tested to make sure that the average diameter of the rods it produces does not exceed 8.20 mm. A random sample of 15 rods is selected, and the diameter (in mm) is measured for each rod. The resulting data are shown below.Diameter8. may use any statistical software to answer the following questions:a) Do the data provide sufficient evidence that the mean rod diameter exceeds 8.20 mm at the 0.05 level of significance?State:What is the practical question that requires a statistical test? (1 pt)Formulate (or Plan):• State the name of the appropriate test procedure (e.g. matched pairs t test for means). (1 pt)• Describe the parameter being tested and the population of interest in context of the problem. (2 pts)• State the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses. (2 pts)• State the level of significance. (1 pt)Solve:•Plot data by hand or using Statcrunch. Describe the shape of your plot (You do not need to show the plot). (1 pt)•List and check the conditions for the test procedure you named above. (2 pts)•Give the value(s) of the sample statistic(s). (1 pt)•State the test statistic value (Please show your calculations.) and the associated P-value. (2 pts)Conclude:Answer the question posed by the problem in context with rationale given for your answer. Do this by including these three parts in your conclusion (3 pts):•Compare P-value with and state whether results are significant or not significant.•State whether you “reject ” or “fail to reject “•State your conclusion in context.

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