Chris, Rubax a US manufacturer of athletic shoes, estimates

a) Implement sampling from an empty network to compute P(I^C^O^W^TS^R). Printout the sampling-based.
December 17, 2021
Calculate the relative efficiency of the two estimators in Exerc Calculate the relative efficiency..
December 17, 2021

Chris, Rubax a US manufacturer of athletic shoes, estimates the following linear trend model for shoe sales. Q1=a+bt+c1D1+c2D2+c3D3 where Q1=sales of athletic shoes in the t-th quarter; t=1,2,…,28{1998(I),1998(II),…2004(IV)} D1=1if t is quarter I (winter);0 otherwise D2=1 if t is quarter II (spring); 0 otherwise D3= 1 if t is quarter III (summer); 0 otherwise The regression analysis produces the following results: Dependent Variable: QT R-Square F-Ratio P-Value on F Observations: 28 R-Square = 0.9651 F-Ratio = 159.01 P-Value = 0.0001 VariableParameter Estimate Standard Error Intercept = 1845001031017.90 0.0001 T2100340 6.18 0.0001 D1328015102.17 0.0404 D2625022202.82 0.0098 D3701015804.44 0.000239261.8729714468

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