Course Coaching I Foundations NURS 6260

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March 7, 2022
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March 27, 2022

Course: Coaching I Foundations NURS 6260
Course description: Nurse coaching methodology and competencies will be introduced and leadership and therapeutic relationship skills will be enhanced. The course begins with the student gaining self-awareness, as nurse coaching requires willingness to model self-development and full presence with others.  The coaching methodology will be thoroughly explored, applied and practiced with live demonstrations, peers and practice clients. The theory and meta-science fundamental to each coaching skill will be integrated. Foundational skills will include assessing readiness for change, building trust and warmth, obtaining and holding the clients agenda, visioning, raising awareness techniques, brainstorming and goal setting.

Course Objectives
1.    Demonstrate the techniques and processes for establishing trust and building rapport within a  therapeutic relationship
2.    Apply the coaching methodology using a variety of coaching skills within therapeutic client relationships.
3.    Facilitate goal setting including assessing self-efficacy and building accountability.

Week 12:   Positive Psychology

Acknowledge client and identify strengths for change.
View Harvard Video on Positive Psychology (10 minutes)
View animated description of Positive psychology (5 minutes)
Read: Seligeman, M. (1998).  Positive Psychology, Positive Prevention, and Positive Therapy. Book Chapter from The
Handbook of Positive Psychology.
Read: The Blue Zones:
Assignment –Discussion  topic
Discuss how you have experienced or witnessed FLOW in self or others.

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