Description please give your opinion Happiness is an emotional feeling.

Psychology Question For this Assignment, you will again use the concepts you have learned
October 1, 2018
Psychology Question Description Please give opinion The article I found for this discussion
October 1, 2018

Description please give your opinionHappiness is an emotional feeling. There is no set thing that makes everyone happy across the world. Happiness also changes as a person grows older and more mature. For a mother, the sound of her child’s laughter, could make her happy. For a woman who has no children, maybe her success makes her happy.Social Relationships: I work alone, which can be depressing at times. When someone stops by with a question in regards to their military career, I am overjoyed for some human interaction. If surrounded by the right people, social relationships can cause happiness. Family reunions, birthday parties, and weddings are just a few examples that cause people to join together for a common cause and enjoy themselves. In 2002 a study was conducted on college students in regards to happiness. The two researchers who conducted this study “found that the most salient characteristics shared by students who were very happy and showed the fewest signs of depression were “their strong ties to friends and family and commitment to spending time with them”” (2016). Some people are happier in smaller groups than large ones, but in groups consisting of more than one person none the less.Work: Some people enjoying going to work. I know I sure do. It allows me to not have my children following me everywhere and I can finish my lunch by myself. There is more intellectual conversation, but there is also that much needed quietness. So while social groups can cause happiness, so can time to oneself. I work alone as previously mentioned. While it can get lonely, I have time to work on schoolwork, write in my journal, and go to the gym if I choose to. I enjoy being in the military. I think that it sets me apart from my peers and it has great benefits. I feel that if someone did not enjoy their job, the happiness level would be significantly lower. Self-employment is another aspect that could cause someone to be happy about their thriving business. Of course the main factor here is the income. Higher paying jobs are causing people to be happier than lower paying jobs (Ward, 2017).Leisure: Everyone has hobbies whether it be watching tv or going to the gym, there is something that makes everyone happy. Leisure time allows people to decompress from their hectic life style and not worry about work or paying bills. The link below is a great tool to make sure you are getting enough exercise in your life, which causes happiness. Having that spiritual connection to the Lord, is an indescribable feeling. In church I tend to tear up at the message that is being passed and I never question the tears. I just accept them as being close to the Lord and taking in his words. Understanding the Lord, his power, and all the great things he can do is all the happiness a person truly needs. Having a strong connection with God allows people to feel loved and not alone in this world. “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.” Matthew 5:3Thank you.ReferencesRelationships. (2016). Retrieved from, J. D. (2017, September 20). Does Work Make You Happy? Evidence from the World Hapiness Report. Retrieved from

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