Discuss how social determinants influence the chosen health issue and its associated health outcomes.

Health literacy application
April 27, 2022
Outpatient Chemotherapy /Infusion Administration and Day Surgery Unit
April 27, 2022

Has selected a health issue appearing in the media during this trimester/year (2015) this will serve as the subject of your assignment. Has included an effective introduction in the assignment which identifies the health issue and introduces key points. You will need to scan and include it with your paper so the marker can review your selection. The health issue must be from a media item appearing this year. For ease, select an article from The Age or Herald Sun online newspaper items are acceptable journalist-based, not editorial-style. Clearly identifies two (2) social determinants of health such as the social gradient, Stress, Early life, Social exclusion, Work, Unemployment, Social support, AIDiction, Food and Transport report relevant to the chosen health issue. You must read file Social Determinants of Health ) I attached to you (to know more information about social determinants of health which will select two (2) social determinants of health in essay. Includes a relevant peer-reviewed journal article in the discussion and analysis. Discusses how these social determinants influence the chosen health issue and its associated health outcomes. Provide clear explanations, specific and relevant examples, plus logical supporting evidence. Provides a conclusion summarising key discussion points. Logical linking of paragraphs, use of appropriate sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling. The essay will be submitted in Turnitin, no more than 5% of similarity will be accepted so please take care of that.

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