Disease or health issue

Access to Health Services
March 7, 2022
March 7, 2022

Disease or health issue

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1. Select a health issue that you are interested in. The disease/health issue you select CANNOT be any of malaria, stress, obesity or vaccinations, as these topics have been extensively covered. You are otherwise not limited in what you may choose for your topic; for example, the health issue you choose may be a medically defined disease (physical or mental health problem), or a public health issue (homelessness, addiction, injury).

2. Identify THREE social determinants that impact your chosen health issue. You CANNOT CHOOSE income, education and occupation as a trio – you can choose any one or two of these, if you wish. OR choose three different social determinants.

3. Write a paper that describes your health issue (What is your health issue? Who is affected? where?), the THREE social determinants that you have chosen to highlight, and discuss the following:

? How each of the social determinants that you have selected has an important influence on your health issue – directly or indirectly.
? How the three social determinants interact with each other to influence your health issue.
? Propose a relevant and plausible health promotion and/or prevention strategy that addresses these social determinants.Because many of health or public health issues are complex, most of the time there is no right or wrong answer for addressing them. They are often controversial, and recommendation(s) and decisions are sometimes based on imperfect information. Therefore, the most important aspect of this assignment is not the final recommended prevention strategy that may be made, but rather it is the logic and the quality of the argument. You will also be evaluated on writing quality.

Possible social determinants: Gender, physical environment, culture, health services, healthy child development, social support network…

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