Pediatric Teaching Project profile Fatimao84 Main Similar Questions Home Nursing homework help Report Issue The pediatric teaching project is designed to allow the nursing student to demonstrate their ability and proficiency in developing and implementing an educational program for children on a specific health related topic. Groups must consist of 3-5 students. Each group will be assigned a topic along with a corresponding grade level. The topics offered are as follows: – Stranger Safety and Street safety (bicycle, outdoor play, traffic)-4th Grade Level When completing the teaching plan, students should consider the age and developmental level of the group they will be teaching. What is their attention span estimated to be? What activities will you do to make the teaching interactive and get the kids involved? What level of language will you use to explain things at the child’s level of understanding? After the project is completed, the group must submit a final summary paper (maximum 5 pages, excluding references and cover page) in APA format with a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references. This paper should cover the following topics, which are recommended as headings in the document. o Project description (Who was your target population? What topic did you choose? Why? What developmental consideration were included? What teaching strategies were used? o Evaluation of learning (Were the learning objectives achieved? How did you know? What method of evaluation was used?) **Use a hypothetical scenario** o Summary of overall experience (Do you feel it was helpful to the children? What were the strengths or weaknesses of the teaching methods used? Would you do anything differently. Were there any other health care issues observed that could be identified as areas for further instruction?) **Use a hypothetical scenario** o References NOTE : VERY IMPORTANT, Please I need a plagiarism report include. Posted: 2 Months AgoDue: 31/07/2018Budget: $25 ANSWERS 1 profile Phyllis Young 480 In Field Chat Not rated 2 months ago Purchase the answer to view it blurred-text attachment order_46938_99638.pdf BIDS 68 OTHER QUESTIONS 10 Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2018 HomeworkMarket.com Read More
October 2, 2018
Change Management Plan profile yalvarez2117 Main Home Nursing homework help Report Issue Utilize the Change Management Plan Outline as a guide for developing your Change Management Plan. Incorporate the work you completed in previous weeks into your final plan. Look for health policy issue that is of national concern that you will use as the subject for a change management plan. Health policy issue is: Prescription Drug abuse Develop a 1,150- to 1,600-word Change Management Plan using John Kotter’s eight-step change model from Week 3. Include the following in your plan; 1. What current health policy issue exist that are of national concern that affect the NP? 2. What evidence is there to support the need to address the policy? Does the evidence indicate a sense of urgency regarding the issue? 3. How is the policy issue represented in the media and what type of influence does this have on you implementing change in this area? 4. What are the ethical consequences if changes aren’t implemented? 5. Identify stakeholders that will assist you in implementing the change, including opportunities for inter professional relationships. 6. Develop a plan for how and where you see the policy issue making an impact. 7. Identify potential barriers that will hinder you from implementing change in this area and how you will face them to keep the change process progressing. 8. Create a strategy that will gain the support of your congressional representative or of one your senators and drive them to introduce legislation that will address the policy issue. 9. How can you use Kurt Lewin’s change management model to solidify change in this area? Cite and reference using APA guidelines. attachment Changemanagementplanoutline.docx Posted: 2 Months AgoDue: 27/07/2018Budget: $20 ANSWERS 1 profile Brilliant Answers 501 In Field Chat Not rated 2 months ago Purchase the answer to view it blurred-text attachment PrescriptionDrugAbuse.docx BIDS 72 OTHER QUESTIONS 10 Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2018 HomeworkMarket.com Read More
October 2, 2018

Your written assignment for this module should be a 2-3 page paper (not including title page and reference page).

A 78-year old woman is admitted to a Medical unit directly from her physician’s office for evaluation and management of congestive heart failure. She has a history of systemic hypertension.

The initial assessment completed by the RN of the assigned patient reveals a pulse rate that is rapid and very irregular. The patient is restless, her skin is pale and cool, she states she is dizzy when she stands up and she is slightly short of breath and anxious. Her BP is 106/88. Her ECG monitor pattern shows uncontrolled atrial fibrillation with a heart rate ranging from 150 -170 beats/min. Her respirations are 20/min and her O2 saturation is 90%.

  1. Given the findings, what should be the first action of the practical nurse?
  2. What additional data would the practical nurse collect?
  3. Discuss the potential complications of cardioversion and patient preparation for an elective cardioversion. Because the length of time the patient has been in atrial fibrillation is unknown, what adverse reaction may occur?

Later that evening the patient calls the nurse because she feels “like something terrible is going to happen.” She reports chest pain, has increased shortness of breath, and has coughed up blood-tinged sputum.

  1. Based on these symptoms, what might you suspect is happening?
  2. What is the first thing the practical nurse should do and what further information would you expect to be collected?

You should include a minimum of 3 references. Include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page in APA format.

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