Health Care

Sleep Disorders and Behaviors
April 27, 2022
Obesity and Healthy Eating
April 27, 2022

IJsselmuiden, C. B., Nchinda, T. C., Duale, S. S., Tumwesigye, N. M., & SerwaIDa, D. D. (2007). Mapping Africas advanced public health education capacity: the AfriHealth project. Bulletin Of The World Health Organization, 85(12), 914-922. doi:10.2471/BLT.07.045526This article presents public health research. While reading the article, identify statistical terms with which you are unfamiliar and draw your own conclusions based on the published results.Post a response to these questions using paragraph form and with a minimum of 150 words.How did a lack of familiarity with statistical terms and concepts affect your ability to review this journal article?
How might this course assist you in your career as a public health professional?
Given your current understanding of biostatistics, compare the conclusions you draw from the results to the published conclusions. How do the conclusions differ? How are they the same? Cite the articles you reviewed.
Why is it important to draw your own conclusions and not just accept the authors interpretation?
Do you consider this an appropriate topic for public health? Explain your answer.

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