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quantitative Reasoning and Analysis (statistics for health education ) week 9
April 27, 2022
Impact of a priority health issue on a population group and implication to nurses
April 27, 2022

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The pressures on modern day Accommodation Management are many, with tight markets, casualisation of the workforce and an ever increasing list of competitors.
discuss the challenges faced today by the modern accommodation manager.
Your essay should include discussion on:
1. Is outsourcing a viable solution? What departments can utilise outsourcing and what are the benefits and the drawbacks of moving to an outsourced organisation.
2. What issues have been identified as a contributing influence to the planning and controlling of Accommodation Management?
3. Why is it important to understand your customer and your customer’s needs in Accommodation Management? What steps can the Accommodation Manager take to ensure the Hotel is meeting the customers’
needs and creating a positive experience?

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