September 19, 2018
Biopsychology Expert Needed!!
September 19, 2018


I’m attaching the article that you will use for this paper. APA format.

PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY COMPLETE A GOOGLE SEARCH OF THIS TOPIC!!! PLEASE DO NOT GENERATE YOUR ASSIGNMENT BY GOING TO A RANDOM WEBSITE AND REPEATING WHAT THEY SAY. I am asking you to use research only from a scientific magazine, journal, or scholarly article. This is my only requirement. Using data from some other resource/website will result in a failing grade.

You are going to review this article. Then you will write about your findings. How many participants were studied? How did the researchers complete the study? What was the procedure? What did they find? Please write a review that addresses these questions. There is no minimum word requirement but it will likely last about 1 single-space or 1 1 /2 double-space pages to address all of the areas.

Grading criteria:

10 points:         Use of an acceptable journal or scholarly article or meta-analysis that looks at the degree to which counseling/psychotherapy is effective – These points are simply for using an appropriate reference. That’s how important is this element of the assignment. Your use of citations (citing your reference throughout the paper and then listing the reference at the end of the assignment) is also included under this category.

5 points:           Review of the background information from the article (e.g., How was this studied? What methods were used? Who were the participants?)

10 points:         Review of the article’s findings/determinations (e.g., What was determined? What did the results find? Was counseling/psychotherapy effective? Are there any recommendations that were made based on these findings?)

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