Organization to use is CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters) To start, select one of the following approved topics for your Senior Project. You may also have a topic of your choice approved by the instructor in Week One. Many of the approved topics have specific subtopics outlined and, while these topics are not all-inclusive, they do provide insight into specific areas to conside

Evaluating Interdisciplinary Collaboration Skills
October 1, 2018
Please Answer Based On These Answers As They Are Listed, Each One Must Be Answered In APAform And Not Less Than 150 Words profile tata2018 Main Home Nursing homework help Report Issue 1-In order to get real results, and a truly random study we need to not have bias. Its one of the things that I notice most when people are having their vaccine debate, or with political garb. You can almost always tell when someone has an agenda they are trying to push. 2-An important feature of a good study is that the sample is randomly selected from the target population which is the entire group of individuals that the researcher is interested in studying. To choose randomly means that every member of the target population has an equal chance of being included in the sample. This will prevent biased in the sample group. To prevent problems in obtaining a truly random sampling, several steps can be taken. The target population is well defined. If not well defined, the sample that is actually studied may be outside the intended population or the survey may include people that should be included. The sample matches the target population. It would be difficult to ask everyone in the target population to provide the wanted information, so the best that the researcher can do is select a subset of individuals from the population and gather information from them. The sample size is large enough. If there is a large sample size that is representative of the target population (randomly selected) the information is likely to be accurate. In any research project, steps must be taken to prevent biased. Part of that process is to realize the importance of random sampling. Bias can easily be introduced by not defining the target population well enough, ensuring the sample matches the target population and ensuring the sample size is large enough. Reference: Rumsey, D., (2010). Statistics Essentials for Dummies. Wiley Publishing, Inc. Indianapolis, IN 3-Sampling is the process of selecting a representative group from the population under study. It is more or less impossible to study every single person in a target population so psychologists select a sample or sub-group of the population that is likely to be representative of the target population we are interested in. If the sample we select is going to represent the target population then we need to make sure that the people in it are similar to the other members of the target population. This is important because we want to generalize from the sample to target population. The participants in research, the sample should be as representative as possible of target population. The more representative the sample, the more confident the researcher can be the results can be generalized to the target population. Everyone in the entire target population has an equal chance being selected. This is s similar to the national lottery. If the ‘population’ is everyone, who has bought a lottery ticket, then each person has an equal chance of winning the lottery. Random samples require a way of naming or numbering the target population and then using some type of raffle method to choose those to make up the sample. Random samples are the best method of selecting your samples from the population of interest. The advantages are that your sample should represent the target population and eliminate sampling unfairness, but the disadvantage is that it is very difficult to achieve. One of the problems that can occur when selecting a sample from a target population is sampling bias, sampling bias refers to situation where the samples doesn’t reflect the characteristics of the target population. Many psychology studies have a biased sample because they have used a opportunity sample that comprises university students as their participants Reference: McLeod, S.A. (2014) .Sampling methods. Retrieved from www. simply Reply | Quote & Reply Posted: 2 Months AgoDue: 02/08/2018Budget: $8 ANSWERS 1 profile Professor Harvey 200 In Field Chat Rated 1 times 2 months ago Purchase the answer to view it blurred-text attachment Answerbase8.docx BIDS 33 OTHER QUESTIONS 10 Blog ArchiveCopyright © 2018 Read More
October 1, 2018

Organization to use is CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters)

To start, select one of the following approved topics for your Senior Project. You may also have a topic of your choice approved by the instructor in Week One.  Many of the approved topics have specific subtopics outlined and, while these topics are not all-inclusive, they do provide insight into specific areas to consider.

Approved Topics:

  1. Examine how participative leadership functions in today’s modern health care organization and compare it to other types of leadership styles. Evaluate how each type of leadership style may impact organizational culture, employee performance, and how it may help or hinder the legitimacy of authority.
  2. As an administrator, address the challenges of employee recruitment and retention of health care professionals. Additional subtopics may include trends in the nursing workforce, shortage of primary care physicians, staff turnover, retention, and staffing patterns.
  3. Analyze the dual role of a manager and healthcare professional. Examine challenges that the health professional compared to those of a non-health professional, may face in terms of leadership style, and the impact these challenges have on organizational culture. The benefits of a health professional manager as an organizational resource may also be included. Explore the career trends of health professionals in organizational leadership positions, such as the types of health professional training that leaders tend to have in common, and the typical demographic background of health professional managers.
  4. The health care industry must anticipate and monitor trends that could possibly affect its overall survival. Analyze how regulation of the health care industry impacts a health care organization. Explore some of the possible survival organizational strategies such as, but not limited to, mergers, and affiliations, achieving accreditation status, professional licensure.
  5. Analyze the impact of technology on how health care services are delivered. The impact of technology on employee performance, organizational structure, and management planning may also be considered.
  6. Analyze the impact of any recent social and/or ethical trends on the health care industry. Discuss at least two issues.

After identifying your topic, choose a health care organization in your area. This organization may be small or large and may provide single inpatient health service or multiple outpatient services; it is your choice. Consider your topic in light of the leadership of this organization and research the challenges and successes it has faced in managing operational effectiveness.  You are welcome to use as many research methods as possible to obtain information for your organization and its managers (e.g., web-based resources, electronic articles, or personal interviews). The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to complete your project.

Finally, develop a management training program that includes relevant guidelines and information to combat the issues identified in the selected topic, as well as recommendations for managers to more effectively lead health care organizations. Your training program should be in the form of a 20 to 25 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slides) that includes comprehensive speaker’s notes (i.e., at least 150 words) for each slide. Utilize at least three to five scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library and two to three current, scholarly web sources (total of five to eight references required). All sources must be cited according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your presentation must be engaging and relevant to your audience. Lines of text on a slide will not be sufficient for this project. It should contain at least five images, graphics, and/or multimedia that communicate your training clearly to your audience. For tips on creating an excellent presentation, read this overview.

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