Other Question: A case Study of Maria Grace Type of document: Research Paper

Nursing Ilness Disease Wk1/Project 1
October 1, 2018
Due By 10pm Reply To Dq 100 Words Each Total 200 Apa
October 1, 2018

Other Sources: 4, APA Instructions: A Case study of Maria Grace, Age 49 Experienced a stroke; has uncontrolled high blood pressure. • Examine the continuum of care a patient may need and research the services available in Houston area to support the patient. • You will convey your findings in a compelling writing. • Investigate the healthcare organizations in Houston area. Based on the services this hypothetical patient needs, select four actual settings in which he/she would receive care. • Research to analyze specific services the hypothetical patient might need, beginning with the onset or diagnosis of an illness or injury and concluding with an end-point of your choosing (i.e., recovery, symptom management, end of life). Also, research the types of organizations that provide those services. • Gather information related to the types of insurance each organization accepts. Typically, this would include Medicare, Medicaid, and various types of insurance programs. • What challenges related to payment for services do you anticipate your patient may experience? • Review the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2014) resource and consider what it means for healthcare to be safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. • Based on your hypothetical patient’s needs, analyze why professionals in healthcare organizations settings you selected need to be aware of the “Six Institute of Medicine Aims.” • APA Format • 4 References

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