Part two is electronic health records. What are the advantages

Describe the health concerns of the community.
April 27, 2022
Healthcare industry
April 27, 2022

Order DescriptionLiterature review (Four parts)
1-part one is paper based system. What is it? Advantages and disadvantages. (Use provided articles(1-9)(300 words) .
2-Part two is electronic health records. What are the advantages( use provided articles 10-25) (500 wrods).
part three is (Non technical 3-barriers for adopting ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS FOR PHYSICIANS)and divided into:
3.1-Developed countries (articles from 26-46)(1000 words)
3.2-Arab Countries ( articles from 47-55) (600 words)
3.3- Saudi Arabia( articles from 56-65)(700 words)
4.Summary of the chapter (400 words)
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