Psychology Question: SUPPORT GROUP PAPERType of document: Assignment

Psychology Question: Bystander EffectType of document: Critical Thinking
October 1, 2018
October 1, 2018

PsychologySources: 5, APAInstructions: SUPPORT GROUP PAPER INSTRUCTIONS *** The group I attended was Narcotics Anonymous**** After attending the support/self-help group meetings, you willdescribe your observations of group member and leader behaviors;group dynamics, content, and processes. You will reflect on howyour experiences with the group compares to best practices andprinciples for group counseling and support groups that you havelearned about in this course. Integrate relevant ideas from all 3required course texts and 2 additional scholarly researcharticles about group counseling in a significant way in youranalysis. Your paper must demonstrate critical thinking andpersonal application. The paper must be 7-8 pages or 2,500 words (a 10% deviation ineither direction is acceptable), not counting the title page,abstract, and reference page. Although you may use first personin this paper, remember it must be in current APA format andinclude a title page, running head, abstract, and a referencepage. Your paper must be well written, free of grammar, spelling,or other writing errors, and be well organized. As part of theintroduction, identify the group you attended and the number ofparticipants at each meeting. Then address these topics using thesubheadings indicated: Content and Process Briefly and concisely describe the topic or theme of the meetingsyou attended and how it was presented/incorporated. Discuss theappropriateness of the content and the relative effectiveness ofhow it was processed. Include specific details and examples asneeded for disclosure. Provide specific examples from themeetings, but do not disclose confidential information aboutgroup members in such a way that they can be identified. Group Dynamics and Participants Describe the atmosphere and dynamics of the group, whatdevelopmental stage it was in, level of participation, and howyou think members benefitted from this group. (You may findForsyth, chapter 16 especially helpful here). Leadership Behaviors Describe the leadership styles and skills that were used anddiscuss to what extent and in what ways you think they wereappropriate and effective. Describe specific challenges that youobserved and how the leader(s) handled these. Application and Conclusion Reflect on your learning and the most significant takeaways fromthis experience. If you were leading this group, what would youdo differently? How did the meetings promote or contradict abiblical view of persons? Were ethical guidelines for groupcounseling adhered to or violated? End your paper with aconcluding thought. REQUIRED REFERENCES: Corey, G., Corey, M. S., Haynes, R., Walters, T., & Corey, G.(2006). Student workbook for Groups in action: evolution andchallenges. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Brooks-Cole. Forsyth, D. R. (2014). Group dynamics. Belmont, CA: WadsworthCengage Learning. Jacobs, E. E., Schimmel, C. J., Masson, R. L., & Harvill, R. L.(2016). Group counseling: strategies and skills. Boston, MA:Cengage learning. PLUS 2 Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Article must be included in thepaper *** I must emphasize the importance of in-text citations EVERYTIME information from an article is used. The last paperpurchased was flagged for unintentional plagarism due to the lackof in text citations, so they are VITAL. The more in textcitations the better please!!

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