The Growing Use of Prescription Drugs among Teens.

Health Practice Evaluation
April 27, 2022
Child Conduct Disorder
April 27, 2022

The Growing Use of Prescription Drugs among Teens for my topic.In Assignment 1: Issue you will choose a problem facing child or adolescents in todays society.Describe the problemHow common is it?Who is affected by the problem?What theories explain this problem?Has the problem changed over the last decade?How credible is the research you found related to this problem?Is there generally a consensus about the key aspects of the problems, or is there a lot of controversy?Its a Research paper, NOT opinion paperNumber of published, peer-reviewed sources required; must all be published within the last 8 years.Need 5 sourcesThe textbook may be used as one of these resources.Do not use any direct quotes from any sourcesLength required (not including title page and references 800-1200 wordsReference style required

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