Theory Essay

Psy435 Week 5 Final
September 17, 2018
Creating A Professional Resumé
September 17, 2018

Write a 3-page (not counting title and reference pages) APA-style essay that includes the following:

  • An explanation of object relations theory that presents the major beliefs and assumptions as well as core principles and components of this approach. Include how this perspective explains human psychological development and key interventions/approaches used by therapists employing this approach. (Approximately ¾-page)
  • Discussion of how a therapist working from an object relations perspective would assess and view the issues and goals your client is struggling with and how the therapist would approach therapy within a relational framework. (Approximately 1-page)
  • A sample dialogue from an object relational focused session between you as the therapist and your client. Introduce this section of your essay by explaining what stage of treatment the client is in at this point and whether this is the beginning, middle, or end of this particular session. (Approximately ¾-page)
  • Concluding paragraph that summarizes your critical assessment of object relations as a theory of human psychological development and basis for treatment. Discuss what you feel is relevant and helpful, what you see as it’s limitations or risks, and how you would rate this approach in relation to strengths-based and culturally sensitive and trauma-informed practice.
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