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October 1, 2018
Psychology Question: Bystander EffectType of document: Critical Thinking
October 1, 2018

Answer to this discussion and state if:The discussion: The two articles I chose were “Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future” and “Psychological Treatments: Putting Evidence into Practice and Practice into Evidence”. The main points of “Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future” were updating or shifting their methods of studying treatments to practicing new methods. In their new treatments, they now are more focused on how people react. They are more interested in the nature and needs or wants of people in medicinal relationships. The primary and most important assumption the author made in this article was, “The president of the American Psychology Association [APA] notes that “much of the research that guides evidence-based practice is too inaccessible, overwhelming, and removed from practice” (Goodheart, 2010, p. 9). Yet lists of evidence-based treatments are being used to control funding in treatment, human services, and education. Stated simply, such policies are based on shaky science” (Brendtro, Mitchell,

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